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Lady Bird Beetle (Adult )

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Minimum order quantity is 100 Nos only. One quantity is 100 Grubs

Nymph stage of 2-3 days old are packed in plastic containers.  


Predators or Natural enemies are beneficial insects that feed on the pest insects. Egg Or Larva( Worm or Caterpillar) Or  pupa Or adult  stage and control the insect population. They are comparatively larger in size, cause sudden death to the pest insects. They are non-vegetarian insects and will not disturb the plants and attack only the insect pest. These are naturally present in the eco system and because of use of chemical pesticides these beneficial insects are lost. So we are forced to introduce them in the eco system to balance the lost equilibrium.

 Release the nymph immediately after arrival near to the target pest.

 Courier Service: 3 to 4 days transit period is acceptable for the product. So the client has to choose their best delivery service to their area. Longer distance blue dart is advisable.

 Use with in 24 hours of receipt.

Target Pest : It’s a Polyphagous predator so it can attack any soft bodied insects and insect eggs. Examples are Caterpillars of moths and butterflies like Spodoptera, Helicoverpa, Hairy caterpillars, Fall army worm, Loopers ,Larvae of bugs and beetles. Leaf miners, Termites, Grass hoppers, and Ants. Also sucking pest like Leafhoppers, Aphids, Mealybugs, Thrips and Mites. They kill the target pest by piercing a digestive enzyme and able to kill much larger than their size

Rate of Release 800 to 1200 per acre or 2000 to 3000 per hectare

Life Cycle: Eggs takes 10 days to hatch and start feeding immediately after hatching. Total life cycle is 200-250 days. So periodically release them for effective control.


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