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Tricogramma japonicum

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 Parasitoides or natural enemies are beneficial insects that lives on the host pest and finally kill the pest and the parasitoides emerge as a adult to control the further pest in the crop. Parasitoides are non-vegetarian insects and will not disturb the plants and attack only the pest. Parasitoides are naturally present in the eco system and because of use of chemical pesticides these parasitoides are lost. So we are forced to introduce them in the eco system to balance the lost equilibrium.

Trichogramma chilonis is supplied in 1 CC card and each card will have 16,000 to 20,000 parasitoides. This Tricho card can be split into 16 bits and each bit will have approximately 1000 parasitoides. 






Card should be tied early morning or late evening. i.e., during cool hours in windward direction.

Avoid direct sunlight falling on the card. Staple the card in shady area or under the leaf surface.

Release the card once in 15 days or based on the technical recommendation of each pest .

Also make sure that the ants not present in the area of release

The parasitoides will come out on the 7th day from the production date. If the production date is 1st January the parasitoid will emerge from the card on 7th January so on 6th January you have to release in the field.

Suppose if you cannot go to the field on the particular day then you can store them in the refrigerator at 10 to 13 degree Celsius and then release based on your convenience. But storage should not be not more than 2 weeks.

The Tricho cards to be released immediately in the field once the pests damage appeared in the crop.

The cards are to be used before the emergence of the adult parasite. Cut or tear each Tricho card into small pieces and distribute them all over the field. 

Advantages of using Tricho Cards.

Less cost, more effective.

Field application (releases) is very simple as compared to other methods.

Records show higher yield in sugarcane (about 4-5 tonnes), as secondary infestation is avoided while using Tricho cards.

Cost of pest control is very nominal.

Added to all these, environmental pollution is avoided.


The following precautions are required to be taken while using Trichocards :

Read the emergence date in the card and release one day before the emergence.

Trichocards should be stapled on the inner-side of the leaf to avoid direct sunlight.


Farmers should refrain from using pesticides in the field where Trichogramma are released. If need arises selective / safer pesticides can be used and it is to be ensured that pesticides are used 5 days before and 15 days after release of Trichogramma. When you spray chemicals the Trichogramma will also die.

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Courier Service: If the courier company confirms 24 hours delivery, we can plan by courier based on client confirmation. Fedex and Blue dart will give prompt delivery and the actual cost will be charged from the client. Delivery  depends upon the production and it can fall on any day of the week. 


Tricogramma japonicum is a tiny wasp that kills the eggs of targeted pest by laying eggs inside the pest egg.

The Trichogramma egg hatches into a small larva, which feeds on the pest egg and kills its developmental stage within 24 hours.


After 8–10 days of feeding, the Trichogramma insect come out from the pest egg and start searching new pest eggs to continue its life cycle in the field itself.

Target Pest : Top shoot borer of sugarcane Scirpophaga Excerptails and Paddy stem borer Scirpophaga Incertulas.

Rate of Release :                                         

 12 cc of Tricho cards (2,40,000 parasitized eggs)/acre to be released to any crop @ 4 cc / time having 15 days interval (three releases) before damage noticed by the pest. One cc will have 20,000 parasitoides.

General Recommendations:


Number of Release:

Sugarcane & Paddy : 3 cc per hectare



Sugarcane :  4 to 6 releases at 10 days intervals on observing pest or from 60th day

Paddy Or Rice:

For paddy yellow stem borers :

The egg parasitoids Trichogramma japonicum is effective against rice stem borer. For this, egg cards (Tricho cards) have to be installed in the field at the rate of 5 cc per Hectare starting from the first week of transplanting.

For Leaf folder and leaf eating caterpillar Trichogramma chilonis is effective. See the details under Tricogramma chilonis                                 

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