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Pest and disease control is a serious issue to the farmers and the farmers are forced to use heavy pesticides. The knowledge of how and when to use the pesticide is limited to the farmers and very difficult to understand even to the experts. Because of that, we are  forced to consume toxic laden fruits and vegetables which will affect our nervous system and causing cancers. Also spoiling the eco system

The insects are developing resistance and resurgence due to high usage.


We strongly believe that every big problem has a simple solution but it never struck our mind and we found Predator and Parasitoides are one of the best alternate solution to control the insect pest in a ecologically safer manner.


We have a proverb " A THRONE CAN ONLY BE REMOVED WITH ANOTHER THRONE". Similarly an insect can be controlled only by another insects.


The advantage here is, its the permanent solution and after few years the pest and predator population will be maintained as per nature in a ecologically balanced manner. Need to follow only the organic farming routine techniques to keep the plants healthy.